Aaron Budge


Aaron 2021-cropped

Aaron Budge manages video production for Advantage Marketing. Working closely with clients in pursuit of their story, Aaron approaches each piece with a holistic understanding of the advertising campaign. Motivated mostly by curiosity, Aaron’s productions are focused and complete with complimentary details. 

Aaron’s career builds around art. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wichita State University. Most proud of his professional contributions to the Newton Kansan as webmaster and graphic designer, Aaron understands stories and their evolution. He knows video production compels, expands perception, introduces new ideas and deeper understandings, and connects. He values the shoots and client sessions and appreciates his time sharing their perspective. 

Not one to overanalyze or take himself too seriously, Aaron is straightforward and realistic. He keeps the AdMark team laughing with edgy observations. Aaron’s 20 years of videography and photography experience include many interesting assignments. Among them; drone videography for real estate projects, animation of title graphics, editorial cartoons, 2D and 3D animation, video arcade management, and a couple of months in Austin at a Hindu temple. 

Aaron thinks deep and engages with present moment awareness. He delivers high-quality footage and skilled editing with a poignant polish. Send Aaron an email to discuss video production needs for your organization or help on broken pinball machines and arcade games.