Tessa Feliciano-Case

Director of Media Buying & Traffic

Tessa 2021-cropped

Advantage Marketing’s gatekeeper, advertising arrives to targeted audiences with Tessa Feliciano-Case. Ads that land on billboards, commercials, print and radio are ushered out with Tessa’s touch. She serves as the Director of Media Buying & Traffic for the agency with two decades of background in advertising. Spending the majority of her career at KSN as Traffic & Continuity Manager, Tessa established relationships and industry experience that continue serving her today. Her connections spread across the regional media network. With associates at every station and outlet, she negotiates ad rates and placement schedules with an insider’s understanding. Tessa’s in-depth knowledge of the most powerful purchasing platforms is an advantage earned; and shared in AdMark client campaigns.  


Wichita wooed Tessa back from the West Coast. With her husband and two kids, Tessa appreciates the simple joys of family life. Going to movies and playing trivia are some of their favorite ways to be together. She loves time at home, architectural photography and other opportunities to engage her creative side. The AdMark team appreciates Tessa’s sense of humor, commitment, determination and driven approach to life. In the office, she is efficient and accountable. Trusted to meet deadlines and make informed decisions. Clients value the performance evaluations and analysis Tessa provides. Amplifying effective messages and placements, her strategies evolve with feedback and conversion data.