Lisa Bryce

Business Manager


Lisa Bryce takes care of business at Advantage Marketing. Her responsibilities are vast and varied. As AdMark’s Business Manager, she keeps the office moving forward with accurate information and efficient processes. Accounting, payroll, accounts receivable, vendor contracts, inventory and equipment--Lisa masters the office infrastructure at AdMark. She meets each obligation with grace and grit.

With customized advertising plans and media buys across dozens of channels and platforms, Lisa’s detail-driven demeanor is the perfect fit for AdMark’s accounting. She understands each client and their invoice plan. Intuitively familiar with the daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycles of the agency, Lisa understands the inner workings of the operation. She is thoughtful, consciousness and helpful--contributing positivity at work, home, and in the community.

Her two kids are young adults and Lisa loves being their mom. Watching them grow up, she attended almost every event and milestone. While they make most of their own decisions these days, Lisa enjoys her new role as an advisor in the transition to their independent lives. No matter how old they get, Lisa and her kids cheer for football and basketball teams across the state and always get together for Chiefs games. She also enjoys a night out and trips with her best group of girlfriends, sharing many laughs and delicious dinners.  

The heartbeat of the AdMark office, Lisa sets the pace and anticipates the needs of those around her. She looks for opportunities to serve her co-workers and AdMark clients. She spreads joy in each place and with each person she meets. Familiar with all the faces and functions of the AdMark team, Lisa finds solutions, pushes in the right direction, and solves problems. She plans parties and employee recognitions that build AdMark culture and strengthen bonds among the team. 

If AdMark can help you take care of business, give Lisa a call. She knows all the answers. And, she makes working together easy and enjoyable.  

What the Ad Mark team has to say about Lisa:   

“Lisa keeps the wheels in the office turning”

“Incredibly smart and efficient, like MacGyver mixed with a Mom”

Lisa's Mantra

"One Step, One Breath, One Day...Live it"


Lisa's Credentials:

Steckline Communications | Traffic and Office Manager

Sunflower Broadcasting | Traffic Assistant, Paid Programming, Assistant Programming Director and National Sales Assistant

Banks Broadcasting | Traffic Manager, National Sales Assistant

Clear Channel TV | National Sales Assistant and Paid Programming Specialist