Jessie Nielsen

Brand Manager | Graphic Designer


Jessie Nielsen’s approach to graphic design in advertising is detail-driven and forward-looking. Always tuned in, Jessie turns up the dial on advertising with convincing images. As Brand Manager and Graphic Designer at Advantage Marketing, she is on trend with messaging, aesthetics, and storytelling that connects.


Skilled in web design, logo development, online ads and promotions, Jessie delivers eye-catching art that converts customers. With broad reach on the AdMark team, nearly every client campaign comes across her screen. She has a critical eye for details and collaborates amongst the AdMark team to unify projects with visual, emotional and contextual consistency.


Jessie and her husband have an energetic toddler at home that definitely keeps them busy. He is the joy in their hearts and the twinkle in their eyes. In her free-time she likes to make Wichita inspired art using reclaimed wood. She also enjoys a night out with her family or alone time at the gym. Enthusiastic in her love for Wichita, Jessie’s favorite days include a walk down Douglas through Delano and a cup of coffee, or cocktail, at Vagabond.


After graduating from Newman University, Jessie’s career in advertising began at a local sign shop. She learned to gracefully blend the production needs of design and function. Thinking and editing and taking another look from a different angle . . . right up until print--Jessie’s specialty! She produces impactful results and pours herself into each project.


In AdMark’s office, Jessie is a point of connection. Her warm heart and helpful nature facilitate the natural development of relationships and ideas. Clients count on her to contribute creativity to their company. To discuss graphic design in advertising and branding that gets results, send Jessie an email and set up a time to talk.

What the Ad Mark team has to say about Jessie:   

“She has a creative heart and soul”

“Brings great energy to the office”  

Jessie's Mantra

"Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on"