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Cori K. Kohlmeier

President / Founder


Cori has a fierce passion for marketing as she believes most business issues are in some way connected to their current marketing efforts.   She enjoys researching solutions to those issues and is direct in her recommendations. Marketing should be viewed as a marathon with a consistent ongoing strategy rather than a sprint which is often times short and painful.  Cori and her team enjoy taking the “pain” out of marketing for their clients. Since 2003, she has dreamt of having the right people in the right positions to offer services that improve the marketing environment and provide successful results. That dream started to become a reality in 2013 when she founded Advantage Marketing and continued to flourish as she oversaw the acquisition of regional agency Media Partners in 2017.

She enjoys traveling with her husband and 2 kids.  It’s a challenge to cook good food, let alone healthy food but she finds a way.  Cori is an avid runner and loves to lift weights and do yoga. In between kids, hubby and work she enjoys reading or listening to a good book!

What the Ad Mark team has to say about Cori:   

“She is an idea machine, always trying to improve people and the agency”

“LOVE her vision”

“She leads by example”

Cori's Mantra

"Be fearless..."

Cori's Credentials:

Mathur Media | Sr. Vice President

Kansas CW | Sr. Account Executive

Kansas’ WB | Account Executive

2001 Wichita State University Graduate


2018 SBA Emerging Leaders graduate

2016 Wichita Business Journal’s 40 under 40 recipient

2016 Wichita Business Journal’s Emerging Leader panelist & Women in Business panelist

Guest Speaker at WSU Entrepreneurship class