Amanda Simons

Digital Manager / Media Buyer

Amanda 2021

Amanda Simons is Advantage Marketing’s secret weapon. With thoughtfulness and intention, Amanda places all the digital ads for the agency. She also buys TV, radio, billboards, and print. Weighing options from Over-the-Top TV to digital targeting and geofencing events, Amanda builds bulletproof buying plans. Taking an annual view of the clients’ advertising campaigns, she weaves spending throughout the year and maximizes ad value. Amanda knows when to buy and where, and she is assisted by top-shelf technology from AdMark’s vetted vendors. Her career of more than 20 years in media buying offers advanced intuition hard to find in this industry. Actively participating in the rise of online advertising, Amanda serves as AdMark’s Digital Marketing Manager & Media Buyer.


Fun to be around and friendly, Amanda leads with steady kindness. She is a helpful and trusted member of the AdMark team. Amanda understands the processes and internal workflow required for the agency to plan ahead and tune in today. Amanda gives her all at the office and she loves being home with her family. New grandparents, Amanda and her husband enjoy cuddling their granddaughter on their way out the door to dance the two-step. Lake weekends, traveling, sporting events, concerts and movie nights keep her family laughing and enjoying time together.