Confessions of a Marketer
Episode 6: Advertainment

Advantage Marketing is back with a podcast episode all about advertainment. Sitting down with Tessa and Aaron from the team, this dynamic duo covers traffic and video production at the agency. In advertainment, the message is cute and catchy but doesn’t hit directly at the company’s products or services. It draws you in with entertainment. 

If you want to pursue an advertainment angle in your advertising, here are some points to consider. In contrast to a straight read approach that gives the basics of who, what, when and where, advertainment is fun. It tugs at your emotions. It is a soft sale approach that connects you to the brand. 

Advertainment walks along a thin line. It is easily possible to take it too far, to lose the brand’s message or leave consumers wondering, “What was the point of that?” A good example of advertainment in action is Budweiser’s toad commercials. When the amphibians sing “Bud . . .     Wise . . .  err”, you are both entertained and connected to the product in a way that makes you smile. 

So, let’s get big with the brainstorming. Open up to the possibilities of entertaining advertising with advertainment. Match the medium with variations to fit TV, radio and online platforms. 

Reach out to Advantage Marketing for creative scripting and unique ideas to set your brand apart from the competition. Create emotional connections with customers using one-of-a-kind advertainment that integrates into your broader brand messaging.

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