The Method To Our (Not So) Madness

Traditional Media Buying

Traditional Media Buying

Advantage Marketing is happy to provide our clients with a variety of traditional media buying services such as TV, radio, newspaper and billboard. In addition, we offer marketing consulting, business-to-business solutions, press release / advertorial / creative copy writing, design services, printing solutions, and all types of signage for your business.

Digital Marketing Solutions

In addition to our traditional media buying capabilities we also employ a wide variety of digital marketing solutions for our clients.  These services include Google AdWords, targeted keyword / site  / search display banners, video pre-roll / YouTube advertising, digital radio / Pandora advertising and social media.  We also develop websites and landing pages along with TV, radio and social video production.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Research & Strategy

Rentrak Data

When reviewing the ratings data services offered in our markets, we wanted to be sure and work with the most accurate information available.

Rentrak is the only set-top box based, nationally-projected TV currency. No one else does this.  Rentrak passively integrates set-top box data from ALL operator types… 24/7/365 including Cable and Satellite.  Rentrak electronically and passively collects data every second of every day of every month of every year.


Current Market Survey sizes:
Tulsa – 57,400+Homes
OKC – 89,800+Homes
Topeka – 48,400+Homes
Wichita – 123,000+Homes


Enables us to buy all media types including cable, broadcast, newspaper, radio, and outdoor, and the industry’s more advanced interactive advertising solutions more efficiently. STRATA is the dominant name in customized media management with steady growth, proven products and increasing market share among agencies of all sizes, and now works with nearly half of all media buying firms.

Market Profiler

Market Profiler allows us to go into each individual market and look at census data including populations and demographic information.  This is particularly useful data to help us create unique and effective media buys for our clients.