Social Media Management & Advertising

Advantage Marketing’s approach to social media is custom. Offering professionally managed profiles that amplify advertising campaigns, AdMark facilitates opportunities for direct engagement with customers and potential customers. AdMark also manages sponsored ads with sophisticated targeting capabilities that reach the right eyes.

Social media today is so much more than what’s easy to see on the surface.  Social profiles are windows to the world where consumer confidence can be understood and addressed. Interaction with supporters and detractors is direct, public, and full of opportunity.

Social media’s contribution to the rise of geotargeting is also indisputable.Using premium technology platforms, AdMark monitors public sentiment broadly and answers customer inquiries most specifically. Consulting on annual social media messaging plans and weaving them into broad marketing plans. Then, providing feedback and analytics on social campaign performance. From editor to administrator, AdMark has a social media management package that works for your business needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social Operating Procedure

Social media was once novel, but now, its standard operating procedure. Brands must host social media pages. The information must be accurate, timely and engaging. Social media must be seamlessly integrated in all marketing efforts.

Well trained and trend aware professionals take social media to the next level. Management and monitoring can range from hours a day to hours a month. AdMark actively works to match client needs with social media management that fits. Bringing the benefits of vetted vendors and strong partner platforms for client targeting and ad placement.

Social and Beyond

For some clients, AdMark’s Social Media Manager posts daily, replies to messages and other customer feedback, and even completes the event calendar. Some clients prefer to do their own posting and simply request social media analytics and sponsored ads. Designed to integrate with each client’s operation, AdMark stretches advertising dollars with social media purchasing power.

Social media is an integral piece of all advertising campaigns. In customer relations, employee relations, public relations, investor relations, product launches, and every other aspect of your business, social media must send the right message at the right time. Reach out to AdMark’s social media masters to discuss your business in combination with the agency’s resources and experience in dynamic social media content.

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