Media Buying

Advantageous Media Buying Strategy

The Advantage Marketing team has advantages. We have the team and the tools. The Advantage Marketing media buyers are in-house, full-time members of the staff with years of success in the media industry. Utilizing top-tier
targeting tools with demographic insights, the strategy builds from data and analysis.

With experience among diverse industries and organizations, the Advantage Marketing team understands all the advertising options available. Combining effective messages with smart and strategic media buying for advantageous results!

Media Buying


Media buying is art and science, strategy and application. What ads will work and on what media channels? This is always the million-dollar question.

The wrong message will not work on any platform. The right message on the wrong platform will not get the job done either. Marketing is equally important parts, content and placement.

The Advantage Marketing creative team builds a content campaign with breakthrough messaging. Then, Advantage Marketing media buyers go to work. Placing the right message on the right platform to produce the right results.

Endless Advertising

Options for advertising dollars are endless. Traditional platforms like TV, print and radio offer reliable results for some advertisers. Billboards and LED signs continue to evolve with dynamic eye-catching content and animation. Then, there is digital. In its broadest form, digital advertising includes everything served online.

The options for media buying in the digital space range from streaming TV to geo-fencing events or locations. There are literally thousands of ways to target prospective customers online. Digital media buys interact with potential customers where they are—serving timely and relevant ads to likely users of your product or service on their phone, laptop or mobile device.

Advantage Marketing media buyers also understand events and sponsorships. Matching your brand message with a receptive crowd and those most appreciative of your company’s support, influencer campaigns are another area of expertise. These unique options for spending advertising dollars are highly successful for many clients.

All advertising options come down to rates and relationships. We believe advertising is endless and measure the strength of the business by relationships built along the way. Let Advantage Marketing position your company for advertising and branding success.


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