Are you happy with your current marketing? Partner with our team of Experienced Professionals!

Are you happy with your current marketing? Partner with our team of Experienced Professionals!


The advantage is strategy. Advantage Marketing clients work with advertising strategy experts to build and execute winning campaigns.

The cornerstone of AdMark client relationships is agreed-upon expectations. The team seeks to understand your business and solidify the goals for our engagement.  We benchmark, time-bound, and budget your company’s marketing plan. From there, clients will find the AdMark team analyzing outcomes, making data based adjustments, and reporting results.

Successful marketing strategies grow with vision and knowledge. These plans are customized and thoughtfully developed.  Marketing requires connection and understanding. Efforts to uncover opportunities are intentional and forward-looking.

In buying advertising, who you knew used to matter more. Now, it is about the tools you use.  There are wide variations in the platforms used to develop and place advertising pieces. AdMark’s vendor vetting led to the top-notch tools used today. Partner platforms execute perfectly to deliver the right message in the right space. 

AdMark technology supplies analytics that inform future adjustments in marketing plans. Clients benefit from these strategic provider partnerships that deliver sophisticated analysis and creative reach. AdMark’s technology investments return better rates and more collective purchasing power to clients. 

Among the many advertising tactics, AdMark definitely has a crush on digital. Although, almost all marketing plans include a blend from traditional to over-the-top TV. Data-driven decisions and market research always inform the strategy. 


AdMark also employs the best. Our team is in-house, working from a charming little office space in Wichita’s beloved Delano District.  A tight-knit group of friends and professionals, each bringing their best to work every day. That’s an advantage in your marketing plan that can’t be quantified.

Product launches, company reorganizations, and other day-to-day disruptions also present opportunities for many businesses. AdMark provides expertise in strategic planning exercises and composing client communication plans. Preparing talking points, statements, and media alerts that give voice to the client’s position and communicate clearly with the public.

Marketing must go on, during the good days and the difficult days of any corporate lifecycle. AdMark clients are encouraged to hear public sentiment and monitor the perception of their company. Clients are equipped with timely and thorough online reputation management. In addition, real-time tools like live web chat are always adding to AdMark’s arsenal of customer engagement funnels. 

Choosing a marketing partner for your business is a big decision. It is a relationship. It works best with transparency and high levels of communication. AdMark also considers carefully new clients and partnerships. With decades of combined experience, we know our type! We ponder partnerships with companies and organizations prepared to collaborate on dynamic advertising campaigns. See the Contact page and reach out if AdMark may make a good match.


Digital Marketing Solutions

Where do we start?  Digital Marketing is the new kid on the block, you want to know the story and we have the scoop.  From Adwords (pay per click) to online display ads (ads that run on the sides of websites), we make it easy to understand and manage digital campaigns. With a wide variety of targeting options at our disposal, we can strategically target your ideal customer or client.


The new guerilla marketing.  If you have a small marketing budget or an infinite amount of money to spend, you most definitely need a social media presence!

In our research, we have found most people get their news, recommendations etc. from social media. Social media can be used for business to business, event marketing, product marketing, and brand marketing.  It is an essential piece of any campaign and when done as part of a strategy it has proven again and again to be successful. We have been in the social media game since it’s infancy. Let us show you how it’s done!



Online Reputation Management

Do you remember the yellow bricks left at your doorstep a few times a year?  This acted as your reference for every business in the city for the entire year.  That directory has now been replaced by a search mechanism called the world wide web, or internet.  When people search for your business can they find you? And why is it important? Like the yellow brick of the past if you weren’t there you wouldn’t be found.   Because there are so many sites that can offer contact information we have to make sure that information is correct across the board. ORM allows us to manage this in an efficient way.  Allowing for your business to be found easily online aiding in traffic flow and control of important information, like your address! Take our FREE scan today and learn how well you are doing.  Check your rep, it’s free!

Traditional Media Buying

CPA’s use accounting software, media buyers use FreeWheel a global, cross-media platform for the media buying industry. Formerly known as Strata, FreeWheel is transforming the way media is purchased, placed, and tracked.


Offering a best-in-class campaign management process for all media through automation, open integrations, and data-driven insights.


Translation: FreeWheel is a tool we use to build media buys for TV, Billboard, radio and digital.  It allows us to create a strategy across mediums with efficiency.


Graphic Design

Consistency is key when building a brand identity and we have the team to do it.  Whether it’s a business card, brochures, letterhead or signage, we’ve got you covered.  Yes, you can probably go online and find something quick, but if you want something customized to your specifications you need a team of professionals to design your dreams!


Graphic Design


The doorway to your business.  This is an important step in your brand development.  Does your website tell your story? Is your site easy to navigate?  What does your website speak to how you do business? If you are still trying to figure out these answers you may need a new website.  Our team collaborates with you to develop a design that addresses all of these questions, allowing for the best user experience. Make a great first impression with a beautiful and functional website that accurately depicts your business.


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