Why Don’t I Ever See My Ads Online?

Digital Dollars are Different

A frequent question from Advantage Marketing clients, whose campaigns include digital dollars, is “Why don’t I ever see my ads online?” Unlike TV, radio, print and billboards, where if you are local, you can seek out the advertising messages and witness them firsthand—digital is different.

Online targeting offers advertisers the opportunity to speak directly to those we believe most likely to engage with your product or service. Advantage Marketing media buyers are targeting specialists and monitor digital results in near real-time. It is very likely that you are not included in the targeting based on your location, or your interests, or your device, or your online footprint.

Why don’t I ever see my ads online?

Digital Disappearing Act

Depending on the size of your organization, it may make sense to gather the IP addresses of your team and specifically exclude them from receiving any sponsored ads. This keeps your advertising budget dedicated to potential conversions. There are agencies out there that do just the opposite, even geo-targeting the clients’ office to serve ads that make them ‘feel good’ about digital tactics. This is a huge waste of advertising dollars!

Dedicated to Digital

If you’ve considered all these explanations and still feel like something must be amiss because you’ve never seen your ad online, we are happy to triple-check the connection and the code. At Advantage Marketing, we believe in the power of digital ads as a vital component of every campaign. When something works, we dial it up and we are always ready to make informed adjustments.

Digital advertising offers metrics and measurements superior to all other tactics. No other advertising mediums produce such precise feedback on impressions and actions.  Everything else is anecdotal. A customer might tell you they think they saw your ad on this station or that billboard, but there is no way to be sure. With digital advertising, you can be certain who saw your ad and how long it took them to respond.

Advantage Marketing guarantees impactful online visibility with your target market. Account managers identify your needs and the goals of your advertising campaign. The creative team builds content to convert customers. The traffic managers place your ads in front of your audience. The Advantage Marketing team collaborates with clients to get results you can definitely see!


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