Native Advertising

Native advertising is one of the most quickly-growing segments of online and digital advertising, and native programmatic ads have a number of great benefits which make them a key part of any marketing strategy. Learn more about native programmatic ads, how they work, and their benefits below.

What Are Native Programmatic Ads?

Native advertising refers to the practice of purchasing ads on a website, blog or another such outlet, and matching them to the “native” look, feel, design guidelines and style of that website.

A native programmatic ad on a news website such as The Guardian, for example, would be developed and built in such a way that it integrates seamlessly with the website’s design – rather than looking like a banner advertisement, it would look more like a news story or a column.

This entices users who would not normally click on advertisements to do so – which can really improve conversion rates. Some studies have shown that native advertisements have a response rate that’s up to six times higher than traditional display ads.

How Does Native Advertising Work?

To build a native programmatic ad, you must usually work with an ad network that specializes in displaying them – and provide them with content for the advertisement, such as:

  • An image that can scale to fit any device
  • A headline
  • A body of the ad
  • A Call-To-Action (CTA)
  • A destination URL

Ad networks that specialize in programmatic ads can then use their platforms to transform this into an advertisement that matches the style, format and guidelines of numerous websites – integrating it seamlessly into the design.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Native Programmatic Ads?

Why bother with using a native programmatic ad when you could just use traditional display ads? Here are a few reasons:

  • A seamless user experience – First and foremost, native programmatic ads provide a better user experience, as they are less obtrusive than more obvious types of ads, like banner ads. This leads to a higher conversion rate, as noted above.
  • Personalized ads – Native programmatic ads can be used with other advertising technologies like geo-fencing and ad retargeting to focus only on qualified leads, maximizing ROI.
  • Consistency across all devices and media types – The native format of this type of ad ensures that it will look completely consistent and function properly across mobile and desktop websites, enhancing brand image and ensuring ads look visually appealing.

Invest In Native Advertising To Outpace The Competition

Native programmatic ads have extremely high click-through and conversion rates, particularly when paired with other advertising techniques like location-based geo-fencing and ad retargeting. So don’t wait. Start exploring how you can use native programmatic ads today.