Graphic Design

Images are everything in graphic design

Advantage Marketing’s graphic design team believes images are everything. Filled with expression, meaning, texture and context, images pull together advertising campaigns. Delivered across all mediums, AdMark designers produce animations, icons, branding, signage, videos, campaign elements, event collateral, and other pieces of advertising.

AdMark graphic artists bring their skill and creativity to each client campaign with art that elicits emotion.They unify the brands voice through color palettes and representative elements.

Graphic Design

Advertising Art

Art for advertising is niche. The goal is to sell a company’s product or service. The purpose of the piece goes beyond pure enjoyment to directed action. This is difficult to accomplish.

Collaboration within the AdMark team is critical. Graphic designers work with account managers, event planners, content writers, video production crews, and in-house media buyers to turn vision into reality. This internal understanding allows AdMark graphic designers to match eye-catching images within the medium they’re placed.

There is no typical day in the life of an AdMark graphic designer. The projects arrive often and the turnaround is usually short. From brainstorming sessions to beating deadlines, the graphic design team are project managers extraordinaire!

Logo development and company branding are favorite projects for AdMark’s graphic design team. Pushing forward from brainstorm to final art, logo development encapsulates the graphic design process. What generally begins as conference table talk expands with collaboration from company leaders. Draft versions are fleshed-out; focus group style feedback requested. The finished product tells a story and builds association.

Detailing the details

The graphic design process takes all the ideas of the advertising campaign and blends them together in one place. Accurately including the most important details and communicating through the combination of copy and design.

Reach out to AdMark to talk details of graphic design for your business or organization. From business cards to banners, billboards to online ads, let the professional AdMark artists meet your brand standards with consistency and creativity in graphic design.

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