Often overlooked in the frenzy of an advertising campaign--there is so much to love about email. It is the most direct and conversational way to communicate with consumers. From weekly sale ads to personalized updates, share messages with your carefully curated email audience frequently and affordably via email.


Universal appeal and insightful analytics

Advantage Marketing sends out many emails on behalf of clients each week. Your email list and the data it produces are both very valuable. Keep email communication front and center in active advertising campaigns. Continue adding addresses and analyzing results. Fine-tune your timing. Keep messages short and easy to digest with a lot of visual appeal.


The best features in email advertising include advanced scheduling, detailed analytics and very low costs per impression. Know exactly who opened your email and what action they took. A high-quality list of email addresses combines with effective messaging to drive sales, build relationships and speak directly to those who matter most to your brand. Email is the most cost efficient way to target existing customers and stay relevant through frequency.


Timely email messages contribute to customer engagement and brand loyalty. They create social chatter and boost online reputations.  Emails trickle information to audiences over time in a way that builds your brand’s voice and persona.


Content is King

With approximately 4 billion email users worldwide receiving almost 300 billion emails each day, content is critical. Breaking through the background noise and getting your audience’s attention requires compelling communication. Ask for reviews, seek feedback, share something in limited supply, engage with relevant articles and connect like-minded people--all on email.


Email exploded over the past two decades.  Future projections predict an additional 100 million email users each year. Messaging apps and social media are also on the rise and provide alternative platforms for placement. But to-date, nothing compares to the adoption rate of email technology by people across all demographic profiles and places.


Reach out to Advantage Marketing for advice on building your email list, creating compelling content and scheduling automated communications. Work with a professional team of graphic designers, copywriters and platform managers to maximize your brand’s message. Go ahead, send AdMark an email

-Kirstie Nottingham | Digital Specialist