Going zero to 60 in three seconds, screeching to a halt and changing directions on a dime--we’ve done all that before at Advantage Marketing. While today’s circumstances are no doubt extreme, it is the same skill set we use to adapt messages every day to fit the changing needs of clients. This is an excellent test, however, and we are taking notes. As an agency, we are pushing the limits of remote work, our technical equipment and quite possibly the love of our family and children.

In unprecedented situations, the team matters more than ever. We count on each other to deliver results, produce good work and stay positive. Our approach helps determine the responses of those around us--that’s never been more apparent. It sets the tone for thoughtful and intentional interactions. We take that seriously and work diligently together in the best interests of our clients.

The sky is not falling. Uncharted waters, yes, but I also find so much to appreciate in these moments. I’m keeping my attention there and doing what I can to encourage others. Yes, there are big problems but I don’t think you need me to point that out. I prefer to remind friends, family, clients and potential clients that messages matter most at a time like this. We are rising to the challenge and appreciate the relationships and technology that help us do it.

Show the world what you’re made of, let’s plan to look back and be proud of the ways we showed up when times were tough. Push through with kindness, provide value and execute on ideas. Keep notes and plan a debrief. Keep producing content. Anticipate a time of reflection where we can look back at this whirlwind and digest what happened. Today is not that day, but it is coming.

Stay tuned and be well.

-Cori Kohlmeier, President