The Digital Wild West


I often refer to digital marketing as the wild, wild west.  While most do their best to navigate, it’s a tough spot. Where do I start and what do I need.  In doing this for years we see a ton of waste. From clients working with multiple vendors and spreading dollars too thin or maybe it’s buying the same products from different vendors because the names of what you are purchasing are confusing.

Fortunately, we deal in this area day in and day out. I have been buying digital marketing for over 10 years now since it’s infancy really. Digital marketing has come a long way from behavioral ads on the Yahoo network, yes I said the Yahoo network.  I use to purchase digital ads through TV stations peddling digital products or maybe Newspaper outlets who had relationships with only 1 platform such as a Yahoo Network. Thankfully we do have more options.

In my experience these 3rd party vendors are messy, they charge too much and because of high turnover from bad work culture, many don’t know what is happening with a particular campaign. So we made the decision to bring the digital marketing in-house, we hired a digital manager and we work directly with the digital company, providing a more streamlined process for our clients.

Like everything we do there is a strategy at the middle of it all. Our ad purchases are now programmatic and we use the strength of our client portfolio to provide the best in digital buying.

Cori K. Kohlmeier