Spring Clean Your Marketing

Ahhh, spring! Time to stretch, get outside and put our plans in motion for the rest of the year.  This is true in life and in marketing. Changing with the seasons gives a cyclical rhythm to our thoughts and actions. This spring, take a fresh look at your marketing and make adjustments that gain traction year round.  

Out with the Old

Staying relevant requires planning and execution. It takes work to stay top-of-mind and tip-of-the-tongue to potential customers. There is no such thing as “set it and forget it” in digital marketing. If you’re not monitoring online ads, they are underperforming. Analyzing advertising data is how Advantage Marketing maximizes marketing dollars. 


A big change for website retargeting is on the horizon. Cookies are phasing out in less than a year. In order to stay ahead of this change, make adjustments now using KPIs. Develop a data strategy that stands the test of time. Build your opt-in lists and actively engage with online communities. Use and understand digital dashboards to make adjustments that drive sales. Find keyword targets in tracking reports and use them to guide content on your website and social posts.


A favorite phrase at Advantage Marketing goes something like this, “You’re never done working on your website.” If more than a month or two has gone by and you haven’t made any updates to your website, it is highly likely that search is suffering. Everything online is alive. Your site and your social media must be current at all times.

Marketing Mindfulness 

Consult with Advantage Marketing for mindful marketing strategies and a fresh approach. Integrate key elements of your advertising to amplify their effects. Advantage Marketing has answers for website strategy, social media and content creation. Reach out today for a free consultation. Let’s talk about where you’ve been and where you want to go with marketing your business. Every season is the right time to freshen up your advertising.