Setting Social Media Marketing Intentions


Proactively seeking my dream job and the workplace I wanted to call home after college, I set my sights on Advantage Marketing. Social media marketing opportunities were exploding in the office. I was determined to convince the leadership team that I was the right person for the job. Email messages, social media interaction, thank-you notes in the mail--I took an offensive approach to earning the job I wanted. 

Collaboration marketing

And now that I’m here, social media manager for a growing, women-owned, high-tech advertising agency, the day-to-day is better than expected. It has a lot to do with the team of course. As a younger addition, I’m enjoying the well-seasoned perspective of my peers and the leadership team. These folks have been at it for a while and they watched technology grow by leaps and bounds before their eyes. They see how it all ties together and where loose ends still exist. 


When it comes to the hows and whys of digital and traditional advertising, the AdMark pros know their trade. They also welcome my perspective and appreciate the balance between us. We talk quickly, collaborate in the moment, effortlessly and invisibly advance projects between us. Blending traditional advertising with digital targeting and social media storytelling we collectively maximize the message.


Social media continues defying boundaries with tools that bring imagination to life. Online platforms also provide a perfect place for conversations. They host the space to explore and integrate marketing campaigns with consumer relations. I’m grateful to be part of a team that succeeds together and recognizes our interdependence.


Creative hours and uncommon results

Managing social media accounts for multiple brands is fast-paced and high-intensity with demands beyond normal business hours. Online rules, social trends, and outside influences are ever-changing. It’s the blessing and the curse of this monster marketing tactic. But right now, it's a great fit for me. Communicating on behalf of clients through social media requires careful, thoughtful, and intentional action. I attend events, set up shots, take videos, script ads and so much more. I build annual plans and then adjust them to match day-to-day client needs. 


There’s a kind of magic that happens at the best agencies, it's something I heard about in college and sought out in Advantage Marketing. Working together, we create. Something bigger than ourselves, something we literally could not have created on our own. We see the results, listen to feedback, adjust, learn, and do it again--together. If the Advantage Marketing team and I can help you engage audiences, on social media or otherwise, please reach out.

- Emily Peters | Social Media Coordinator