Media Buying with Advantage Marketing

Media buying has reached a whole 'nother level in recent years. It’s not as simple as it used to be. Recently, it has been transformed into a bit of a science. Like scientists, media-buying experts use various tools and data to determine the best strategies for clients.

AdMark’s History with Media Buying

In the 2000's media buying was starting to become a lost art. Most people couldn't tell you about a TV rating or share. They definitely wouldn’t mention HUTs or PUTs (Households using TV or Persons using TV). Fortunately for Advantage Marketing, Founder and President Cori Kohlmeier worked at a small station familiar with media buying. They practiced media math and knew how to negotiate. 

Back then, stations would receive ratings books four times a year. “Sweeps” would happen in February, May, July, and November. If viewers paid attention, they would notice that during those months, a few things always happen: season cliffhangers, series finales, special news stories, etc. The broadcast stations pulled out all the stops to secure the biggest ratings. Ratings were, and still are, very important. Big ratings mean big money from advertisers. At one time, the Nielsen diaries were the only way someone could report what they watched. This led to mistakes, misfilled diaries, and human error. Today, there are boxtop sets that collect this information monthly. What's even better is that the information is retrieved automatically, resulting in no human error.

Media Buying Today

Although the technology to record viewers' watching habits has improved recently, the landscape has changed dramatically. It has grown exponentially, but it has also gotten very fragmented because there are so many options and opportunities. Let’s say you want to purchase airtime for an ad during your favorite game. Where will the ad air, and how do you get the most eyeballs? Broadcast TV is still a great way to reach a VERY large audience, but now programming is also carried on cable networks, streaming publishers (YouTube TV, HULU, Peacock, Paramount+, Max, Netflix, Prime, Apple+, Roku, etc)  and is available over the air. There are multiple outlets and opportunities. However, most people do not realize how complex this environment has become. What was once a one-stop type of buy can now include simulcasts and with the addition of OTT (Over-the-Top), the options are endless.

Viewers are now also using popular streaming service apps, like those mentioned above, to watch the news, live events, TV series and sitcoms and movies. Media buyers can use OTT advertising to serve ads to targeted audiences through a variety of demographics and geography by using zip codes. Because there are a multitude of viewing options in today’s world, marketing collaboratively between them is almost always necessary. With all these services, it’s difficult to know where businesses can get the most bang for their buck. So which way to buy is best? That answer is unique for every business and at different times for the business. 

Advantage Marketing Can Help

At Advantage Marketing, we have the team and the tools to help our clients make informed media buying decisions. Our team looks at each client’s goals and objectives to determine our recommendation. Each recommendation is based on the product, service and budget needed to achieve the best outcome.

The Advantage Marketing media buyers are in-house, full-time staff members with years of success in the media industry. Utilizing top-tier targeting tools with demographic insights, the strategy builds from data and analysis. With experience in diverse industries and organizations, the Advantage Marketing team understands all the advertising options available. By combining effective messages with smart and strategic media buying our team can help achieve advantageous results!