Marketing to Match Every Season

Marketing strategy must match the season. Whether that is winter, spring, summer and fall or more complicated world events, you have to be ahead of your advertising. Staying on trend and taking the right tone are essential to engagement. Awareness of evolutions in your industry is required. The ability to pivot is imperative. A great message poorly timed will fall flat or, worse, outrage the intended audience.

Annual Plans & Actual Results 

Dividing the year neatly into 365 opportunities to connect with the audience is an exercise AdMark engages in with most clients. When we look back over the year and compare our actual, executed tactics to the well-written plan proposed before the year got started, we see that the plan is a guide. It sets the tone, it gives direction and connection to messaging from January 1 to December 31. What we produce doesn’t usually mirror the plan exactly, but it comes close and keeps us on track along the way. 

Take the long view when it comes to marketing and communication strategy. Think about the relationships you build with your customers. What seasons of their life do they engage with your business? Do you cater to kids, young adults, new moms, older men or any of the hundreds of different demographic subsets? Is there a rhythm to your interaction that flows naturally in the conversation? Is the problem that your business solves or service that your business provides more or less relevant in a certain season of your average customer’s life?


Plan For Success

Put a fresh face on your marketing with comprehensive plans by Advantage Marketing. Get ahead of seasonal cycles with a solid annual advertising plan. Advantage Marketing makes comprehensive calendars that reflect each client’s overarching goals for the year and allow for organic engagement. 

The latter half of the current year is the right time to turn your attention toward the next one. Identify what worked well and if it can be refreshed for another round. Find the failures and extract them from among next year’s tactics. Reach out to Advantage Marketing and plan for success in every season of your business.