When I was in college at Wichita State University I signed up for a new marketing course called “online marketing”.  I had barely heard of Google at the time and the internet was on fire. At the time I had no idea the impact online marketing would have now in my day to day life.  Of course, the new buzz word is digital marketing- at my office, when we discuss digital marketing we are referring to ads that can be served online through apps, on mobile devices or served on numerous websites.  There are many levels of digital marketing from Google platforms to more robust options. If you have thought about digital marketing and wondered if it is an option for you here are a few reasons why you should explore this great medium:


Digital marketing is applicable to many industries.  Whether you are in retail or healthcare and everything in between we now have resources to target down to a city block, allowing the advertiser to share a specific message.  In the past with more traditional mediums like TV, Radio, and Billboard you were sharing your message with the masses, with digital marketing your message is much more targeted.


It’s also cost-efficient, with addressable geo-targeting we can serve ads to your best customers.  Giving them an exclusive offer which can spur sales and promote in-store traffic.


The best part, these ads are trackable.  You can see the clicks made on the ads and attract users to your website or check impressions (amount of eyeballs) which provides exposure to your products or services.


If you are looking for help in getting started with digital marketing it can seem overwhelming.  A few things to look for in a partner include.


Look for a partner with a  history of working in digital marketing.   Although digital marketing seems to be the latest in buzz words it has been around for several years.  Make sure you are dealing with a company who is up to date on the industry and understands the landscape.  Ask about the cost per thousand. This is the amount you should pay per thousand people who are exposed to your ad.  And finally, make sure the partner/vendor/or agency conducts a client needs analysis. They build a strategy based on the needs of your business, providing a guideline and determining expectations at the beginning of the campaign.