Marketing in the New Now

How to pivot and power through in the time of Coronavirus


Keep marketing your business, re-evaluate your message.
Now is not the time to shrink your footprint or wither your image. Everyone is tuned in and you need to show up. Be relevant, act boldly and match the tone of your messaging to the gravity of the situation. It might make sense to swap marketing dollars from one platform to another, but reducing your budget should be avoided whenever possible.

Communication is king in times of crisis.
Your customers are looking for information. Provide timely updates and share your authentic experience. When our backs are against the wall, we figure out how much we have in common. Relate to your customers and your community. Communication doesn't always have to be about proverbial rainbows either--be real. Get personal when appropriate.

Trust the team
The right people in the right roles matters now, more than ever. Keep the team plugged in and meeting goals wherever possible, despite external circumstances. Your team wants to contribute to solutions that lead to everyone’s success. Work together! Your shared experience in this crisis establishes deeper levels of trust and stronger long term bonds.

Step up, dig deep, work hard and lead.
Think back to another time when times were tough--perhaps September 11, 2001 or another national disaster or personal crisis when the future seemed grim. You made it through then and you’re going to get through this too. Yes, the future looks different now and what we planned for has changed. Adjust and make a place for your business in the new now.

Look Ahead
There are undoubtedly many devastating effects unfolding from Coronavirus around the world. Even among so much uncertainty, you can look out into the future. See how the world will change as a result of this public health emergency. Think about how your business or organization can meet people there. What value can you bring to our collective new reality? How can you serve clients in new ways? Where will you host your grand re-opening party?

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- Cori K. Kohlmeier, President & Founder