The Stages of Marketing: Behind the Scenes

At Advantage Marketing (AdMark), we have years of personal and professional experience in the marketing and advertising industry. Because of this expertise, we have been able to deliver advertising for our clients that stands out from the crowd. Through the years, we’ve noticed five stages of marketing that new clients tend to go through. Knowing the stages of marketing is helpful in navigating this new and exciting venture. 

Stage 1: I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It

Once the paperwork is signed, we start the onboarding process for our new clients. The client is typically excited and ready to roll with the big ideas that had been discussed beforehand. While we love passion and enthusiasm here at AdMark, we have to get our ducks in a row first. During the first few stages of marketing, our client will be involved in a lot of back and forth with our management team. It may not be as exciting as they originally envisioned, but it’s vital to the success of their marketing campaigns. On the agency side, we are ensuring access to necessary platforms, brainstorming strategies, researching competitors, and so much more. 

Stage 2: Show Me the Money

Another important meeting in the early stages of marketing is the budgetary meeting to talk about dollars and cents. In these early meetings, we’ll take a hard look at the client’s marketing budget. It’s important to start the conversation on where they want their marketing efforts to go. During the conversation, we give recommendations on the most effective forms of marketing for their business. Then the client dictates what they want for their business and we develop an effective marketing strategy. Marketing is a marathon. Even though the client may not have a budget for a specific medium we can always set goals and work our way towards those mediums.  

Stage 3: Do the Hustle

After the initial meetings of those first few stages of marketing, the entire AdMark staff is set in motion based on the recommendation. . 

  • The social media team is creating and posting Instagram videos, Facebook posts, LinkedIn profiles, and promoting our clients’ events.
  • Our design team is creating graphics, digital ads, newsletters, flyers and logos.
  • The copywriter is composing blog posts, press releases, website copy, e-blasts and TV and radio commercial scripts.
  • Our media buying pros are placing digital ads, using geofencing to effectively target audiences, managing traffic and buying TV, radio, billboards, and print.
  • The creative team is shooting video for commercials, capturing staff headshots for website bios and acquiring promo for events and so much more.

On the client end, this part of the cycle isn’t as exciting. It’s a lot of back-and-forth emails asking for details and clarification while anxiously awaiting finished products. But we promise that a ton of work is getting done and the wait will be worth it.

Stage 4: Happily Ever After

Once marketing is going out consistently, clients will begin to see the success of those initial marketing efforts. In the later stages of marketing, AdMark pulls analytics regularly to provide clients with clear data on how each marketing strategy is performing. At this point, we’ve established the foundation and we continue to build upon our current efforts. This leads to meetings and planning for longer term goals. 

Stage 5: Keep it Fresh

The final step in our stages of marketing list is also a piece of advice. It’s important that our clients keep up-to-date with current marketing trends and strategies. We encourage our clients to stay engaged and be open to new styles of advertising. It’s also important to note that as a business grows, the marketing strategies must adjust accordingly. Every year is different and we strive to make necessary changes to remain relevant. AdMark is here to ensure your marketing needs are met for years to come.