Five Star Full-Service


It wasn’t that long ago when you could pull into a gas station, drive over the hose on the ground and signal the bell or buzzer to sound inside the shop. A service attendant would walk out to greet you in your car and fill your gas tank, check your oil and fluid levels and clean your windshield, all with a smile and at no extra cost. That was full-service.

Today, with the exception of places like exclusive hotels, elite restaurants and posh vacation resorts, it’s hard to find businesses that offer full-service experiences on a daily basis. The definition of “full-service” can vary from company to company, but, in general, full-service businesses provide for all of the reasonable needs and wants of a customer within their particular industry. It means going beyond the basic expectations of providing a single service and offering greater options for your customers.

Before joining Advantage Marketing a little over a year ago, I spent almost 20 years at a local media buying service. Although many of us there had backgrounds and experience in other areas of marketing, our company only provided one primary service to our clients - traditional media planning and placement. When joining Advantage Marketing, my eyes were opened to what a full-service agency is and can offer their clients. I was able to learn about, witness and be a part of the “full-service” process and philosophy on display every day.

At Advantage Marketing, we pride ourselves on providing the full-service experience to our clients. What does that mean in relation to a client’s marketing? It means that we first listen to your needs, ideas, and questions and then brainstorm and strategize with you and with our team to create and implement a complete marketing plan. One that could include any or all of the following - research, strategy, traditional media (TV, radio, print, billboard), digital media, social media, graphic design, website design, online reputation management, signage, promotional products, video production, copywriting, print materials, event planning. We can also handle the media billing and provide reporting and evaluation of campaigns upon completion.

We can do it all for you! And we take great pride in being your marketing partner, helping you with all or pieces of your marketing efforts. You will have an entire team of advertising professionals working with you and for you, and we look forward to the opportunity to be like the gas station attendant of the past - greeting you with a smile and providing you with a five-star, full-service experience!

-Amanda S.