Facebook Marketing at AdMark

At Advantage Marketing, our social content creation services create brand awareness, business growth and audience engagement. AdMark has years of personal and professional experience in social media marketing and advertising, especially with Facebook. Recently, SocialAppsHQ has declared Advantage Marketing a Top Facebook Marketing Agency in Wichita. Through strategy and research, AdMark provides clients with a customized plan tailored to reach their goals and organizational needs. If you’re looking for the best social media marketing agency to help your business succeed, look no further than AdMark!

Why Do You Need a Social Media Presence?

Facebook marketing comes in many forms and is constantly evolving. No matter what industry your business is in, having a social media presence is essential. Research shows that most people get their news, recommendations, etc. from social media. Social media today is so much more than what’s easy to see on the surface. Social profiles are windows to the world where consumer confidence can be understood and addressed. Interaction with supporters and detractors is direct, public, and full of opportunity. Facebook marketing can be used for business to business, event marketing, product marketing, and brand marketing. It is an essential piece of any campaign. When it’s done as part of a strategy, it has proven again and again to be successful.

Get Your Business on Facebook

Advantage Marketing manages social media campaigns for clients with a clear understanding of their aspirations and marketing efforts. With a client’s brand always in mind, AdMark facilitates opportunities for direct engagement with customers and potential customers. AdMark also manages sponsored ads with sophisticated targeting capabilities that reach the right eyes. The well-trained and trend-aware social media professionals at AdMark take Facebook marketing to the next level. 

AdMark actively works to match client needs with social media management that fits by becoming familiar with clients and their business. To determine the best course of action for a business, AdMark learns everything happening in the client’s company, from events to major milestones. Then the best course of action is determined to create Facebook marketing content that is relevant, yet creative.

Facebook Marketing Your Way

The AdMark social media team sets the Facebook marketing strategy, implementing ad campaigns and consistent posting. For some clients, AdMark’s Social Media Manager posts daily and completes the event calendar. Some clients prefer to do their own posting and simply request social media analytics and sponsored ads. Each client is different in their needs and AdMark provides a customized approach that is designed to integrate with each client’s operation. AdMark stretches your advertising dollars with social media purchasing power so you can leave the right mark on the intended audience.