Creative Tips & Tricks from the AdMark Team

At Advantage Marketing our creative services team embraces innovation, creativity, and technology to provide results that our clients crave. We take a multifaceted approach with a talented and driven team that knows how to work together to see a project through. So this October, instead of tricks and treats, the creative team got together to offer some creative tips and tricks. 

Tip #1: Know Your Goal

AdMark’s first creative tip begins with advice from Lead Graphic Designer, Shannon Wiedner. “When I am starting a new design project, I think about my audience and who the design might attract.” Shane Beck, Art Director, encourages creators to “make sure that your design is functional and it gets the message across. Use design elements to cue the viewer's eye. Too much text can be overwhelming, especially with social media. It’s important to be reliant upon other design elements to get the viewer's attention.” Talon Flynn, AdMark’s Social Media Content Creator, agrees and says that “sometimes less is more when designing.” 


Any time you are capturing video or photographs, Casey Bartley, AdMark’s Creative Director, says to pay careful attention. “Be aware of what you are shooting. Pay attention to what's in the frame and how the composition can be affected by small details that stand out.”

Tip #2: Find Inspiration

Many AdMark team members had creative tips and tricks for starting a new project or getting over a mental block. When creatives get stuck, Shannon offers a way out. “If I’m feeling stuck, I find that getting inspiration from visual examples works very well.” Kait Werth, Graphic Designer, agrees and says it “helps to check out blogs and follow other creatives in your field. This allows creatives to gain inspiration and keep up with the constantly changing trends.” 


Talon also encourages creators to “plan out ideas before starting. But don't feel locked into that plan! Adjust or rethink as you go. If you get stuck on a project, don't force it but move on. Then come back later with a fresh perspective.”


Another creative tip in finding inspiration is to branch out and try something new! Kait always finds inspiration when she tries a design style that’s new to her. She encourages creatives to “make time to get out of your comfort zone and play around with different styles.” Ryan Rhodes, AdMark’s Web Developer and SEO Specialist, agrees and believes there’s no excuse for complacency. “There's a video out there about anything and everything. Watch as many as you can to help hone your skills or learn something new.”


Tip #3: Get Organized

Our last creative tip is from AdMark’s incredibly talented videographer, Aaron Budge. He encourages people to save themselves future headaches and just get organized. “Use filenames, email subject lines and task titles that are easy for others to search for. They should also be easy for you to find a year from now. It cuts way down on the number of work calls you get while you're on vacation.” For those who use editing software, Aaron recommends to “name your layers in Photoshop, and use layer groups.”

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

And there you have it! Just the tip of the creative iceberg from AdMark’s graphic designers, videographers, content creators, web developers and more. We hope you are able to take away a few of these creative tips and tricks back to your business. If you’d like to learn the full expanse that AdMark’s creative team can provide, check out our Creative Services page. Don’t hesitate to reach out and we hope to hear from you soon!