Engaging Social Influencers


When Advantage Marketing identifies social media influencers for clients, the first statistic that usually comes up is the number of followers or fans on various platforms. And while that is important information, it’s just the surface. AdMark’s social media team digs deeper to tap the true power of engagement with social influencers. Together with clients, we develop strategies that plug in influencers to broader messaging and bigger campaigns.

Know the number of fans or followers but also recognize that a small, dedicated audience buys more attention than broad, off-brand posts that don’t match up with subject area expertise. Each influencer has the perfect audience for certain events, products and ideas. Match the demographics of the influencers with your target audience. Consider their other contracts. Focus on the few influencers most closely aligned with your mission and engage authentically with them.


New-Fashioned Networking
Business gets done on social media. For some of us, that's hard to fully understand. Traditional communication platforms aren’t going anywhere, but social connections happen faster and with more frequency than ever before thanks to online communication. It works because everyone can play. People are free to represent themselves in the way they choose, find their own tribe and be experts in their field.

If it helps you to think of social networking as the meet-and-greet of days gone by, start there. Then, add name tags with direct contact info, a brief summary, plenty of visual cues, statistics galore and a price list attached to each person. All the questions you might want to ask, or know even before you start the conversation in person, are all there, laid out right before your eyes for quick comparison.

The data helps, but engaging with influencers is not an automated process. Sure, you can work with agents who represent the biggest influencers, and some of the small ones, but that’s applying old habits to new opportunities. That route is really failing to fully utilize the unique benefits of social spaces.

Being familiar with your brand, you already know the social giants of the industry. There are a handful of people that you find inspiration from and fan-girl over. Reach out to them directly on their most active platform. Send products samples. Like and comment on their posts. Establish mutual awareness and helpful interaction. Allow a natural progression in online engagement. Think of it as an ongoing conversation, where others are also watching.


Bloggers & Social Entrepreneurs
Depending on what you’re selling, LinkedIn might be the best platform to focus your social energy. For many industries, the most accessible tool in their marketing toolbox is incredible images that work well on Instagram. This is especially true for work in fashion, food, entertainment, the outdoors, agriculture and many others. Twitter and Facebook, Reddit and YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok--each of these places has their own upside. You’ll find different influencers on each one that could be a good fit for your brand.

Consult with Advantage Marketing for comprehensive marketing strategies that include bloggers, influencers and social entrepreneurs. Negotiating contracts and designing the campaign with brand standards and clearly understood expectations ensures positive outcomes. Reach out to Advantage Marketing via social media for instantaneous engagement!