Advertising that Stands Out

At Advantage Marketing, we dream up and deliver advertising that stands out from the crowd. There’s no magic bullet to make this happen. We have years of personal and professional experience that guides our intuition. We instinctively understand analytics and targeting better than anyone in the business. And in the end, it is really our ideas that make the most difference. 

You can tell when marketing matches the brand’s vision—when everyone involved just gets it. That energy, and the feelings it creates, come through in the brand’s consumer facing messages. AdMark focuses on the why, tells the story, points out the problems solved by a product or service. Together with production staff, the media buying team combines effective messages with smart and strategic placement for advantageous results.  


Know the Brand, Advertise Effectively

You have to know the brand to advertise it effectively. Onboarding new clients at Advantage Marketing means more than another budget to manage. This is a process that starts with introductions and daydreams on the way to final production. Light bulb moments happen all the time. The AdMark team connects with companies in deep and meaningful ways. 

If you’ve ever attended an AdMark creative meeting, you understand. Individual genius collaborating at the highest frequencies can be hard to follow. For an outsider looking in, it sounds like switching topics and back-and-forths so brief that you’re not sure what just happened. But for those of us who live and breathe the production environment every day, we pull the special sauce right out of that chaos. 


Connect to Curated Audiences

Today’s targeting tools allow advertisers to speak directly to highly curated audiences. If you want to sell something to a 30 year old man who visits the gym three times a week and goes off-roading in a jeep--AdMark can target them. Talk directly to people most likely to buy from you through proximity, shared interests and characteristics of their digital footprint. 

From super specific to broadly defined, the perfect audience for your advertising is out there. AdMark can help you connect. Reach out today. Start a conversation with the advertising agency that stands out from the crowd.