A Few Days in Dallas


Traveling outside of state lines is something that rarely happens in my world.  My free time is full of baseball and football games, rodeos and helping my husband with our small ranch.  But when our digital vendor invited us to attend their conference in Dallas, Texas I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  To say it was an eye opening experience would be an understatement. I traveled with our Digital Marketing Manager, Amanda Simons.  We spent 2 days solid on nothing but digital marketing. They went through everything digital has to offer, from geo-addressable to OTT/CTV and geofencing.   All of the information was great, thankfully they armed us with video and powerpoints to review on a later date. A few key take away from that information that I found especially intriguing included:

92% of urban consumers typically travel 15 minutes or less to make everyday purchases.  That includes fuel, groceries, gym membership, home and garden etc.*

Why is that an important stat?

Well, we work with several retail locations, locally and in the midwest region.

Knowing that most people don’t want to travel over 15 minutes to do their shopping is important in our marketing efforts.  Making recommendations to our clients to focus on key zip codes that they often pull from has been great for their average ticket sale.  We know people from across town won’t travel to shop with them so we do our best to avoid wasted impressions or marketing efforts.

Bottom line when you start to dig into the information at hand, you can focus your digital efforts to maximize the outcome.  People ask, how do local small businesses compete with large box stores. Having a great marketing mix is how and digital is an important part of that strategy!

Marketing has always been ever changing, but with the introduction of digital marketing it is important to know what your options are.  Advantage Marketing can target down to the longitude and latitude, making the targeting very specific and again avoiding wasted impressions.  We work directly with a programmatic digital provider, running successful campaigns locally, nationally and abroad!

Source: Access Development consumer survey (2017)

-Amy Hoefer